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Welcome to Since 1991, What's Real Unlimited has specialized in all things music and sound in Rochester, New York. Services include all types of sound recording & mixing, record producing, songwriting, and music performance. What's Real Unlimited is also an independent label that has released numerous titles by rock recording artist, Matthew D. Guarnere (Gwar nair e), also known as M.D.G.

Pictured left is the one-of-a-kind What's Real Binaural Head, used mainly for acoustic recordings.

By visiting the different planetary links, you'll find lots of information about Matthew D. Guarnere including the various artists he's worked with. You'll also be able to listen to mp3's and look at various video clips of M.D.G.'s critically acclaimed works. If you have questions about anything regarding our equipment, availability, services, etc, please just send us an E-mail

Thanks for visiting and we hope we can be of service to you.

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